Holiday Soundwave Card - Hear With You
Holiday Soundwave Card - Hear With You

Holiday Soundwave Card

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The holidays are meant for the family that matters most to you, the friends you consider inseparable — and that other side of the family you purposely see once a year. Whoever you end up seeing this holiday season, give them a memorable gift with a greeting card powered by your voice.

Special Delivery PSA: If you aren’t lucky enough to spend time with your mother-in-law this season, we can help you send a card directly to her (or anyone else) to make sure you stay off the naughty list. Email us directly at

How it works:

1) Pick your card and place your order

2) We will email you within 2 hours to collect your voice recording (see recording tips below)

3) We'll send and ship your card right to you the next day

Recording Tips:

Check out Voice Memos on your iPhone or any voice recording app on Android and use those to record your message. 

Try to record in a quiet space. 

Have fun with it!